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Housing Law

One of the most basic of human needs, housing is often at the centre of litigation, ranging from disputes about the quality of accommodation provided through to attempts to recover possession of rented property. Recent changes in the law have given registered social landlords extra powers relating to nuisance tenants. Housing issues also often arise in the context of family breakdowns.

New Walk Chambers aims to offer a comprehensive housing law service to private and public sector landlords, tenants and others with property rights.

The service includes advice, drafting and advocacy in the following areas:

Setting up
  • Preparing tenancy agreements or licences to occupy property
  • Advice on terms & conditions
Allocation of housing
  • Allocation of housing by social landlords
  • Homelessness appeal
Recovering possession
  • Repossessions & applications for suspension of eviction (acting for landlord or tenant) - including rent arrears, mortgage arrears, nuisance and other grounds for possession.
  • Applications to evict trespassers.
  • Travellers claims - recovery of land & injunctions.
  • Adverse possession claims ("squatters' rights").
  • Orders for sale on breakdown of family relationships, and other applications about "shares" in the ownership of housing.
Anti-Social Behaviour & Nuisance
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions in social housing - applications by landlord for exclusion order and ASBOs under Housing Act 1996 (as amended).
  • Other nuisance claims.
  • Implications of Human Rights Act 1998.
Other housing disputes
  • Disputes about rent levels or service charges.
  • Breaches of covenant of quiet enjoyment and other terms & conditions of tenancy or licence.
  • Housing disrepair claims & unfit housing.
  • Overcrowding & Houses in Multiple Occupation.
  • Housing grants - disputes about the entitlement to grants or terms on which grants made by council.
  • Right to Buy agreements and purchase of long leases.
  • Creation of housing trusts, 'arms length' housing companies and Local Stock Voluntary Transfers (LSVTs).

The housing law barristers deal regularly with work in the following courts (among others):

  • Leicester county court
  • Nottingham county court
  • Coventry county court
  • Northampton county court
  • Peterborough county court
  • Derby county court
  • Lincoln county court

The housing law barristers group consists of:

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