Sean McGovern lecturing on Coroner's Law The post of coroner, who was also known as the keeper of the King's pleas, is an ancient one


Coroners' Inquests

The office of coroner is ancient possibly dating back to the Anglo-Saxon Kings. In the past 5 years there have been considerable developments including:

  • Article 2 investigations.
  • Pre-inquests disclosure arguments.
  • Provision of public funding via the 'Special Cases Unit' of the LSC.
  • Issues of systemic neglect.

The Coronial Law Team offers practitioners at all levels of seniority who are experienced in inquests from RTA deaths to lengthy jury inquests.

The coroner's inquests barristers deal regularly with work in the following courts (among others):

  • Leicester coroner's court
  • Nottingham coroner's court
  • Coventry coroner's court
  • Northampton coroner's court
  • Peterborough coroner's court
  • Derby coroner's court
  • Lincoln coroner's court

The coroner's inquests barristers group consists of:

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