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Compromise Agreements

A compromise agreement is a binding agreement between the parties to a dispute to settle it out of tribunal or court. It is very common for an employee to be given a compromise agreement to sign:

  • After voluntary redundancy;
  • a TUPE transfer;
  • an employment dispute such as a grievance or a dismissal.

There is a benefit for both the employer, who knows that it will not face any claims in the tribunal, and the employee, who is usually paid an extra (usually tax-free) sum for giving up his or her right to bring a claim.

It is both a legal requirement and very important for the employee that full advice is received on the settlement. This advice must be from a qualified lawyer, which includes a barrister.

At New Walk Chambers we have several barristers who specialise in employment law who can provide advice on compromise agreements. The advantages of choosing a barrister from New Walk Chambers are:

  • Top quality legal advice - you receive advice on your situation and the agreement direct from a specialist barrister with experience of representing Claimants in the employment tribunal;
  • All aspects of your situation at work are covered, so that you can be sure whether or not you should accept the settlement offered;
  • Nationwide coverage - you can receive advice either by telephone (out of hours if it suits you) or in our comfortable conference facilities here in Chambers;
  • Speed - We are able to turn around most agreements within two days of receipt;
  • Value - If you choose to sign the agreement then your employer will usually pay our costs in giving you advice, and payment is arranged directly through them.

Please contact us with any queries or to arrange advice.

The compromise agreements law barristers regularly deal with work in the following towns (and all major cities UK wide):

  • Leicester
  • Nottingham
  • Coventry
  • Northampton
  • Peterborough
  • Derby
  • Lincoln

The compromise agreements law barristers group consists of:

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