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Civil Law

The Civil Law group is well represented at all levels of seniority within New Walk Chambers. "Civil law" covers an enormous range of disciplines, many of which are themselves served by specialist teams within chambers.

The main areas of civil work undertaken include:


Drafting of contracts and agreements.

Interpretation of documents.

Specialist contracts e.g. employment, housing, property, commercial, outsourcing agreements.

Contract disputes - litigation and arbitration from small claims to High Court and beyond.


Advice, drafting and advocacy at all levels of negligence claims.

Personal Injury.

Damage to property.

Damage to business interests and financial loss.

Professional negligence.

Medical negligence.

Other Torts

Besides the law of negligence, all areas of tort law are covered, the most common of which are:


Occupiers' Liability claims.

Other breaches of statutory duty.

Misfeasance in public office.


This rapidly developing area of law includes:

Unjust enrichment.

"Quantum meruit" claims (for work undertaken without contract but where a charge can be made) - sometimes called "quasi-contract".

Estoppel (not being allowed to go back on a promise/statement which someone has relied on to their detriment).

The civil law barristers deal regularly with work in the following courts (among others):

  • Leicester county court
  • Nottingham county court
  • Coventry county court
  • Northampton county court
  • Peterborough county court
  • Derby county court
  • Lincoln county court

The civil law barristers group consists of:

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