Defendant & Counsel Painting (1895) by William Frederick Yeames William Frederick Yeames RA
1835 - 1918



There are a large number of members in this group with counsel from all levels of seniority. They are available to advise and represent on a range of matters, including the execution of trusts, all matters relating to the sale, exchange or partition of land or the raising of charges on land, the redemption and foreclosure of mortgages, bankruptcy, the dissolution of partnerships, the rectification, setting aside or cancellation of deeds, and the appointment of a guardian of a minor's estate.

The chancery law barristers deal regularly with work in the following courts (among others):

  • Leicester county court
  • Nottingham county court
  • Coventry county court
  • Northampton county court
  • Peterborough county court
  • Derby county court
  • Lincoln county court

The chancery law barristers group consists of:


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